NASCAR plans to make some big changes come the 2021 season. The new Gen 7 car is supposed to hit the track, bringing with it one huge change that has NASCAR fans in many cases, howling. There has never been a time in NASCAR’s history that pit crews have only changed one lugnut when servicing a car during a race.

That’s about to change next year. NASCAR has said that cars will go from 5 lugnuts to a single lugnut ala IndyCar. NACAR purists are beside themselves over NASCAR’s decision. I for one, happen to be against the change too. Pit strategy and pit crew performance have always been a big part of the overall race. Not getting all 5 lugnuts on tight plays into race luck. That vibration that pulls a driver out of contention due to loose lugs will be no more.

No more $10K fines after the race for loose lugs. The single lug will simply just take a variable out of NASCAR’s game that makes it interesting.