With many of us staying at home sheltering in place to help fight the spread of COVID-19, our daily focus is trying to find toilet paper, Lysol, and now a hair trimmer. For others on the front lines of this fight, they are putting in super crazy hours and putting their health at risk.

Yesterday I reported on a dirt short track that plans to open up and run their events with people in the stands. They are justifying this by saying that even though they have a capacity of 2000 fans, they are only allowing 700 to enter.

Face masks and credit card only transactions are required. Since South Dakota hasn’t issued any orders to close non-essential businesses, the track is free to do as it pleases. Park Jefferson Speedway will thumb its nose at pleas not to run as it isn’t prudent or responsible during this pandemic. Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace are slated to run the events too.

Really? Unfortunately not only is the track acting irresponsibly, but 2 names closely associated with NASCAR are too. Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace, many fans will follow your lead. I call on you to do the right thing and do not run the event at Park Jefferson.

I know that we are growing weary of social distancing. but now is not the time to give up the fight.