Well, this Sunday marks the end of the NASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational series. iRacing will hold it’s grand finale at the virtual North Wilkesboro Speedway which will be neat to see. Thanks to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a crew of volunteers who banded together and cleared the old dilapidated facility of weeds and debris last December, iRacing was able to come in and laser scan the track. After the careful virtual reconstruction of the old track by iRacing, the gates will open up and the virtual stands will be filled this Sunday.

Technology has enabled us to create a virtual world that filled a racing void during the COVID-19 lockdown. As a Sim-Racer myself and a principal owner of Bobby Dale Earnhardts Legacy eSports you would think that I am glued to the TV each Sunday cheering on the real-world drivers as they battle it out on their sim rigs from home.

Well, not so much. I love sim racing, and for me, it is real racing but It doesn’t translate as well as the real thing on TV. I will be happy come May 17th when these guys get back behind the wheel of the real cars and battle it out on a real-world track.

Thank you iRacing for stepping up and showing the world that sim racing is the real deal but in the end, there’s no substitute for a real-world roaring V-8, close heated racing, and of course, a good hockey-style fistfight thrown in every once in a while.