The Wuhan virus, also known as the COVID19 or Corona Virus, has been the subject of most of the hype you see on TV. The NBA, NHL and now ARCA have canceled many sporting events out of fears that gathering people at their events would be irresponsible.

I can understand that erroring on the side of caution is a good thing. Knee jerk reacting because everyone else is doing something is just plain stupid though. Motorsports sanctioning bodies were quick to announce that fans would not be permitted at their events, but they left the media guys like me out in the cold with no information.

Burning Rubber Radio showed up at the St. Petersburg Grand Prix ready to pick up our media credentials to cover the event only to be met with a sign on the credentials door that simply said, Closed. No email to us or anyone else in the media. no announcement. The media contacts phones all rang busy. We were simply left out in the cold, with no word.

Sanctioning bodies, if you are going to rush to cancel your events to the public, at least have the common sense to advise your media coverage if they are or are not going to be covering your event. Not notifying the media coverage of your event of your intentions to lock them out of it, as the St. Petersburg Grand Prix did, results in flaming editorials like this.

Get it together people. Communicating with your media coverage is just as important as communicating with your fans.